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QuantiFERON The TB Gold test, which can be used to test for Mycobacterium tuberculosis is the most common cause of tuberculosis. It is also known as QFT and can be used to perform the tuberculin skin tests. It is not like TFT and does not have to be affected by any prior Baccile Calmette Guerin infections. This test can determine if you have TB germs. It also helps in determining if treatment is necessary to prevent the infection from becoming fatal. If you require a TB screening or assessment, your doctor will recommend this test. Redcliffe Labs offers the QuantiFERON Gold test in Delhi for an affordable price. It also includes a free sample collection.

What’s the QuantiFERON Gold Test?

Tuberculosis, a highly contagious respiratory illness caused by mycobacterium tuberculosis, is very common. The diagnosis of LTBI is crucial in preventing reactivation of TB in high-risk populations as well as in treating latent TB. The TB gold test, which is a blood test that detects Mycobacterium tuberculosis (a bacteria that causes tuberculosis), is a simple test. QFT, also known by IGRA, is a modern method for testing the tuberculin skin.

This lab test is quick and easy, and does not require a patient visit. This test is clinically proven and tested. It is also the most reliable and reproducible way to diagnose TB infection. QuantiFERON TB Gold’s accuracy is up to 92% in patients with active disease, but this will vary depending on the severity and extent of TB disease . . Sensitivity refers to the likelihood or accuracy of a test that indicates that a person has the infection or disease.

What’s tuberculosis?

Tuberculosis, also known as TB, is a bacterial infection that can lead to death if it’s not treated. Tuberculosis affects the lungs, but it can also affect other organs, such as the brain. Lung infection and other tissue can be caused by a highly contagious disease. Although not everyone infected becomes ill, it is important to seek immediate medical attention if you become ill.

If you are not showing symptoms but have an active TB or latent TB infection, it is possible that you have the bacterium. Although it may appear that the infection has subsided, it is still present in the body. If you are experiencing symptoms and have an active TB infection, you may have TB disease. There are three main stages to TB:

Primary infection

Latent infection

Active TB infection

It is possible to prevent TB disease from happening. Your healthcare specialist can offer effective preventive treatment if it is caught early. If TB is present, treatment involves prescribing multiple medications for at least six month to cure the disease. This will almost always result in a complete recovery.

What are some of the most common causes of tuberculosis in America?

Tuberculosis can be caused by Mycobacterium tuberculosis, a bacterium that spreads through the air. Usually, the berms infect the lungs. It can also spread to other parts of the body. Although it is an infectious disease, it does not spread easily. To catch it, you must spend time with infected people. TB can spread to people who have active TB disease. They release germs into the atmosphere through sneezing and coughing. Contagious people with active pulmonary infections are those who have it.

What factors make you more susceptible to TB?

All things that can weaken an individual’s immune system, or place them in close proximity to someone with active TB. People with a weak immune system or a medical condition are more at risk. Consider the following health conditions. If you have any of the following conditions, you could be at high risk for developing TB.

HIV infection


Diabetes Mellitus

Severe kidney disorder

Neck and head cancer

If you have had an organ transplant,

Rheumatoid arthritis,

Crohn’s disease.

Why Take the Quantiferon Gold Test?

Your doctor may prescribe QuantiFERON Gold tests if you have signs of tuberculosis, such as symptoms like

For more than three weeks, you can cough

Pain in chest


Night sweats


Unexplained weight loss

Appetite loss

Blood in phlegm

Breathing difficulties

Chronic, persistent, and severe cough

Redcliffe Labs is the best place to book your QuantiFERONTB Gold test if your doctor has recommended it. This test is recommended for anyone who has come into contact with someone with active tuberculosis. International students, diplomats and healthcare workers as well as volunteers who work in high-risk areas are encouraged to take the test.

What treatment options are available?

After your positive test results, your doctor will discuss with you your chances of contracting the Tb disease and the options available to treat it. Your doctor should know what medications you are currently taking and whether you are pregnant. The doctor will prescribe preventative medicine based on your medical condition and test results. However, it is important to know that you must continue your treatment. Incomplete treatment can lead to serious complications.

Interpretation of a QuantiFERON Gold test result?

Your QuantiFERONTB Gold test indicates a positive result for mycobacterium tuberculosis infection. This does not necessarily mean that the person is infected with active TB. mycobacterium tuberculosis bacterium. This test can differentiate between active TB disease or latent TB infection. The QuantiFERON TB Gold Test is used in conjunction with radiography, risk assessment and other diagnostic evaluations. The following results will be displayed after the blood test has been taken and analyzed by lab representatives:

Negative to normal

Positive or negative

Intermediate (The test was not able to give definitive results and must be retaken with fresh blood samples

A variety of factors are considered when diagnosing a condition. These include test results, risk factors, and other clinical information.

How much does the QuantiFERON Gold test cost?

The QuantiFERON TB gold test is a simple blood test that is prescribed by a doctor to detect latent TB cases. This test is used to diagnose LTBI and to determine if medical treatment can be provided to prevent the disease. Positive results will indicate that a person is suffering from TB. It depends on which lab it is performed. This test is available at a discounted rate from Redcliffe laboratories. QuantiFERON TB Gold in Delhi is available at Redcliffe Labs for Rs 1800 and a free home collection. This test doesn’t require any preparation. To ensure the best accuracy, people who have a chronic condition or are taking certain medications should talk to their doctor.


Tuberculosis can spread from one person to the next by inhaling. TB can spread from one person to another. People who are ill with the disease will cough, sing, sing, and spark, and then inhale the bacteria. The bacteria TB can live in the body without causing symptoms or making people sick.

Latent TB infection does not cause symptoms. However, people with the condition can develop TB disease. QuantiFERON TB gold testis a test that detects Mycobacterium tuberculosis, latent TB infections and Tb disease. Redcliffe labs offers TB gold testing and is one of the most affordable pathology labs in India . Call them and they will send a representative or health professional to visit your home at the time you have requested. They will take the blood sample in the most professional manner and follow standard procedures.

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