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Proxy server – What is it? How does it work?

Proxy servers act as an intermediary between the user’s computer (or any other device) and a network of Internet servers. This is simply a remote computer that allows you to connect to the Internet from another country.

A proxy’s primary task is to send back replies and translate requests from users to the network. Proxyempire will provide an optimized and uninterrupted service that can be used with multiple services.

What’s a proxy?

Proxy servers are a great solution for users who use them regularly for many reasons.

It replaces the resource’s IP address with the proxy server’s IP address. This allows you to bypass any restrictions that may prevent you from accessing prohibited resources. Although access speeds will not be as fast as directly, it is still faster than none.

Proxy servers hide the location of the user, which allows you to surf anonymously through Tor. The decision of a local court or international court can give you information about the proxy user (depending on where the intermediary is located).

This takes time so it is unlikely anyone will do it. However, this does not mean you cannot do illegal acts online with impunity.

After completing all formalities required by law enforcement agencies, the proxy administrator is authorized to transfer data.

Many companies place restrictions on employees’ access to social media sites and entertainment sites while they are working. You can bypass any restrictions placed by the system administrator with a proxy server.

How to use a proxy

Except for hiding the IP address, it’s worth using a proxy in these cases:

Protecting a computer network or computer from network attacks and ensuring confidentiality

Overcoming workplace restrictions on social networks and entertainment sites

Connecting to a network consisting of multiple computers using one IP address

The desire to save traffic (this is why you can make a caching proxy that runs on your computer).

Provide quick access to information and reduce the load on the Internet channel.


Proxy servers are highly in demand within the corporate sector. They are essential in enabling legal entities to leave their local networks and join online networks.

These are the advantages that made proxies so popular:

They are supported by all modern browsers.

They can be used with any operating system.

The lack of other protocols for accessing the Internet has the effect of increasing security in the corporate network;

Full access control, traffic accounting, and filtering.

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