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HDL – Pioneering Smart Home Automation for Elevated Home Living

In the fast-evolving landscape of modern living, smart home automation has emerged as a groundbreaking solution for streamlined, convenient, and energy-efficient living. As a leading smart home automation company, HDL seamlessly integrates cutting-edge technology with everyday living, redefining the way we interact with our homes.  Specializing in intelligent control systems, HDL seamlessly integrates cutting-edge technology with everyday living, transforming houses into smart homes that are efficient, secure, and comfortable.

Empowering Homes through Innovative Solutions

HDL Automation stands as a prominent player in the realm of smart home automation. With a commitment to innovation, the company offers a comprehensive range of products and solutions designed to elevate living spaces. From their wired system known as “Buspro” to the wireless counterpart “Buspro Wireless,” HDL’s offerings cater to diverse needs, enabling homeowners to experience the future of living today.

The HDL Advantage: Revolutionizing Smart Living

  1. Lighting Control: HDL’s smart home automation system seamlessly connects with a wide array of lighting devices. It not only allows users to switch lights on and off but also offers the ability to adjust brightness, color, and color temperature. With HDL, controlling lighting becomes both simpler and more versatile, adapting to different moods and activities.
  2. Shading Control: HDL’s smart home system extends its reach to curtains and blinds, enabling precise control over natural and artificial lighting. The system intelligently harmonizes light sources, creating a balance that maximizes both comfort and energy efficiency.
  3. Audio & Video Integration: The company offers an exceptional audio and video integration solution, allowing users to synchronize background music and home cinema experiences with other elements. Imagine dimming lights and soft music accompanying a movie night or adjusting the ambiance for a cozy dinner.

Tailoring Ambiance to Your Desires

  1. Scene Control: HDL’s intelligent solutions excel at managing multiple devices effortlessly. With the press of a button, users can create customized scenes that transform their living spaces. Whether it’s a “romantic” mode that sets the perfect ambiance for a cozy evening or a “movie night” scene that dims lights and cues entertainment systems, HDL’s system adapts to individual preferences.
  2. Timing Events: HDL simplifies routine tasks by enabling users to schedule events. From opening curtains in the morning to managing garden irrigation, preset actions occur seamlessly, enhancing convenience and efficiency.

User-Friendly Interface for Ultimate Control

HDL’s commitment to comfort and convenience extends to user interfaces. Beyond physical smart panels, the HDL ON app, available for both iOS and Android, empowers homeowners with comprehensive control over their smart home. From adjusting lighting to managing security, the app offers a unified platform for managing every aspect of the connected home.


As smart home automation becomes an integral part of modern living, HDL emerges as a pioneer in the field. By seamlessly integrating technology into daily life, HDL’s innovative solutions redefine the concept of home living. With a legacy built on innovation and excellence, HDL continues to shape the future of smart homes worldwide.

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