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Types Of Online Marketplaces

You will hear the terms B2B and peer-to-peer when you speak about marketplaces. What do these terms mean? These are the types of marketplaces. We will now tell you more about the existing online marketplaces.

Let’s take a look at the available marketplace to find their meaning. These are 8 types of online marketplaces.

B2B – A platform to facilitate the exchange of products and services between businesses

mCommerce – Platform for selling or buying goods and services via wireless handheld devices

Crowdfunding is a platform that allows people to post their projects and raise funds for their execution via fundraising campaigns.

C2C – Platform for the transaction of products and services between customers

eCommerce – Platform for two parties (e.g. seller – shopper, startup owner – investor etc.

B2C – Platform for the transaction of products and services between businesses and customers

Peer-to-peer is a platform that brings together users who offer products via offline services.

Auction platforms – A platform where a seller lists products and sets deadlines. The buyer who bids the most is the one who gets the product.

For instance, you can find such Marketplaces as BlaBlaCar, OLX, Etsy and Couchserfing among C2C (customer-to-customer). AliExpress, and Amazon – are the B2C (business-to-customer) Marketplaces. And you can refer primarly to B2B (business-to-business) type of Marketplaces.

Also, Marketplaces can be classified by the type of platform they are: vertical or horizontal.

Horizontal platforms: They facilitate transactions in multiple categories like jobs, ridesharing and services, buying and renting stuff, renting apartments, and so forth.

Vertical marketplaces are focused on one thing or problem. This is, for example, Airbnb. It’s finding temporary accommodation.

Vertical platforms are a better option. Because they only focus on one thing, they can often do it exceptionally well. Their platform can be built around one issue, so users get a great experience.

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