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Discover the Power of Huntkey’s Wholesale USB PD Charger

Looking to expand your product offerings with a high-quality USB PD charger? Look no further than Huntkey, a trusted brand in power solutions. They offer the cutting-edge 100W GaN (HKC10020050-0A3) charger, providing reliable and efficient charging for a wide range of devices.

Unleash the Power

The 100W GaN charger from Huntkey is designed to provide you with maximum charging power. With its impressive power output, this PD charger can quickly charge smartphones, tablets, and more. Say goodbye to slow charging times and experience the convenience of fast and efficient power delivery.

Flexibility and Compatibility

Huntkey’s 100W GaN charger offers a versatile range of output options, including 5V/3A, 9V/3A, 12V/3A, 15V/3A, and 20V/5A MAX. This flexibility allows you to charge various devices with different power requirements, ensuring compatibility across multiple devices.

Compact and Portable Design

With its compact dimensions of 61.8*29*63.8mm, the 100W GaN charger is perfect for on-the-go charging. Its lightweight design makes it easy to carry in your bag or pocket, enabling you to stay powered up wherever you are. Never be caught with a dead battery again.

Certified for Quality and Safety

Rest assured, the 100W GaN charger is CE and CB certified, meeting the highest standards of quality and safety. Huntkey prioritizes the reliability and performance of their products, ensuring that you can trust their chargers to deliver consistent and safe charging experiences.


By partnering with Huntkey, you can enhance your product lineup with the latest USB PD charging technology. Offer your customers a reliable and efficient charging solution that will keep their devices powered up throughout the day. Think of Huntkey as your supplier and take your business to the next level with the industry-leading USB PD chargers.

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