Your customers are, naturally, your top priority. Their needs and expectations are your priority. Customers are tech-savvy thanks to the rapid rise of technology. The sky is the limit when it comes to the quality that modern customers expect. Your business must meet their demands with the highest quality. Your service or product will soon die if you don’t provide quality.

Do you have the skills to fill in the gaps? Quality management is essential to ensure customers receive quality service. To help you establish quality management in your company, Total Quality Management (aka TQM) is offered. Total refers to all your employees. Quality is the product’s quality.

Logically speaking, have any of you ever played “the block game”? Let me tell you why. To play this game, you will need blocks. They come in many shapes and multiple colors. You can build anything with blocks, such as a house or a car. If you lose a block, it will not give the correct shape at the end.

Businesses rely on many factors (blocks) in order to reach their goals. Your organization’s quality is affected by your blocks, such as employee satisfaction, customer happiness, costs and the proper use of resources. Total Quality Management is about the development and quality of each component.


Total Quality Management examines the processes that can be used to improve quality and productivity. It analyzes the guidelines of businesses to reduce manufacturing errors, streamline supply chains management, improve customer experience and train employees.

TQM can be applied to any business, no matter how large or small. This management approach encompasses all aspects of an organization. It includes promoting productions and overall responsibility for the quality of the finished product.

Let’s dig a little deeper to learn more about the history of TQM. William Edwards Deming, an American strategist and management consultant, developed it. He advocated and researched a strategy method to control quality in all areas.

In 1982, he published “Out of the Crisis”, a fourteen-point plan he believed could save the United States’ manufacturing industry. Deming believed that variation was a threat to the manufacturing industry. Variation is a lack of consistency in parts, delivery times and practices. It also refers to inconsistencies with prices and other components that should be uniform in order to reduce waste.


Without its key components, TQM would not be possible. Let’s take a look at the key components that lead businesses to excellence.

Customer First

Your success is dependent on your customers’ experience with your product or service. Bill Gates once stated, “Your most unhappy customers will be your greatest source for learning.” He blindly stated that customers determine the quality of your products. Therefore, you should be more focused on customer satisfaction.

Employee Engagement

Your staff will grow as well. Quality products and services are what you want. It depends on your employees since they are given different responsibilities–from entry-level staff to management. Encourage and guide your employees to achieve personal goals that align with the organization’s mission.

Integrated Strategies

Strategic plans are essential to help an organization achieve its goals. It is a crucial step in achieving the high quality customer expectations. It’s important to be clear about your strategic plan and then move in the right direction.

Effective Decision Making

In all walks of life, decision-making is crucial. It is better to think with facts than with emotions. Make informed decisions that are based on facts if you want to improve your numbers. Your decisions should not be influenced by the opinions of others.

Constant Growth
Systematic analysis of your organization’s strategy, implementations, plans and status is essential for any business. These types of analyses will ensure that your organization is able to grow.


Total quality management is a key tool in today’s globalized world. It improves manufacturing and allows employees to focus more on quality delivery. Employees will be able work together and can collaborate well in difficult times.

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