The Best Corner Kick Odds for New Players in 2023

Corner kicks are known as one of the famous forms of soccer betting, receiving great attention from many players. So in the current soccer betting market, how many outstanding and attractive corner bets are there? What is the surefire way to win this form of betting from an expert? Please follow my article New88vinet to update more useful information.

Quick summary of corner kicks

If you are a player who regularly participates in soccer betting at a reputable bookmaker, you are certainly very familiar with corner kicks. This is one of the forms of side betting with a very large number of players participating. Currently, the betting odds of this category are also known as Corners odds.

When participating in this prestigious form of soccer betting, you do not need to care about the score or results of the match. The task players need to pay attention to is the number of corner kick situations in classic matches. Besides, you can predict which team will receive this shot first or last.

Corner kick bets are the hottest

When it comes to corner kicks, surely everyone will immediately think of 3 extremely attractive and famous odds: over/under,Europe and Asia. Below is detailed information about these 3 types of high-class Corners predictions.

Asian Handicap corner kick

For this form, the house will provide detailed handicaps related to each specific match for players to predict. Basically, the way to play Asian corner kicks is similar to score bettingHandicap. But instead of predicting the goal handicap, you will bet on the number of situations that the two teams will make in the match.

When looking at handicap odds, players can bet in the form of Full time, 1st Half or 2nd Half. Some of the most prominent corner handicap odds are: 0.5, 1, 1.5 or 1.75…

European handicap corner kick

One of the corner bets with a very large number of playersNew88 That is 1×2, also known as European handicap. This type of betting has an extremely simple way to play. Your task is to predict 1 of 3 results: Win, Draw and Loss in terms of the number of corners in a specific match. There are 3 betting options for players to participate in:

  • Bet 1: bet on the home team having a larger number of attempts.
  • Door X: predict the match will end with an equal score.
  • Bet 2: bet the away team will enjoy more attempts.

Over/under corner kick

Over/Under corner kicks are also known by many other names: Over/Under or Over/Under or Corners O/U. This is an extremely famous form of betting in VietnamNew88. For this attractive betting odds, the bookmaker will give an opinion on the number of corner kick situations that can occur in the match.

At that time, the player will specifically predict whether the number made will be higher or lower than the level given by the house. If the prediction is higher, the player will choose Over, in case the prediction is lower, the player will choose Under.

Tips for playing corner kicks at New88

To be able to accurately predict corner kicks in each match, please refer to the following experiences of experts:New88.

Analyze the playing style and style of each team

Each team’s ball deployment strategy is a prerequisite factor that affects the number of situations where the ball is brought to the end of the field on both sides of the match. Therefore, if you want to successfully bet on corner kicks, you should analyze the playing style of your favorite team. Players should participate in the Corners bet in a match with the appearance of two school teams that attack the ball or possess good aerial strikers.

Flexible choice of corner odds

Many experts have experience predicting corner kicksNew88 Use it to choose flexible betting options for each match. Specifically, they are:

  • You should participate in this form of betting in a match that can attack from the beginning. Especially in the competitions between the two teams, there is a difference in class.
  • If at the beginning of the match, there are a lot of situations performed, you can play over/under to have a chance to win.
  • If a team is attacking aggressively to find scoring opportunities, you can hit the ball at the end of the match.

So, we have just discovered some basic information about corner kicks – a super hot form of soccer side betting that brings a very high chance of winning. If you want to win and receive lots of bonuses, please visitNew88 to refer to useful experiences.

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