Player betting and certain things you must know in 2023

Player bets are a type of bet in football, also known as individual bets. This type of bet is currently not really popular but still attracts a certain number of players. In this article, New88 We will learn about player bets and things to keep in mind when choosing this bet.

Learn about player odds

To be able to learn more about it in depth Player bets You need to understand the most basic elements of this genre. Below is some information that you should know to be able to play easily.
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Player bets is a type of betting in football, also known as personal bet. In this type of bet, players will bet on a specific player in the match. Often used in important matches, especially tournaments sport peak like World Cup, Euro, Champions League, etc.

How to calculate player odds

Player bets usually calculated based on that player’s statistics in the match. Common statistical tables with indicators used in individual betting include: number of goals, number of assists, number of kills on target, number of corners, number of touches, number of hits. stolen balls, number of clearances, etc.

Player bets Can be calculated before the match or during the match. If calculated before the match, Player odds will be calculated based on the player’s statistics in the previous match. If calculated during the match, it will be calculated based on that player’s statistics in the current match.

Player bet type usually offered for players to bet on a player’s outcome in a match.

Detailed calculation

Player bets has a rather complicated calculation. To calculate player odds, players will have to bet on which player will perform which achievement in the match. Usually, it will be different Bicycle racing betting and divided into many categories such as:

  • Number of goals bet: the player bets on the number of goals the player will score in the match.
  • Assist bet: players bet on the number of assists a player has in the match.
  • Penalty card bet: players bet on the number of times a player receives a penalty card during the match.
  • Save bet: the player bets on the number of times the player successfully makes a save in the match.

Factors to consider

  • Players need to research deeply about the player’s past achievements to make predictions about the player’s results in the next match.
  • The most important thing in Player bets is the player’s current form. Players need to closely monitor the player’s performance in recent matches to make more accurate predictions.
  • Players need to consider the player’s opponents to make more accurate predictions about the player’s outcome in the match.
  • Players need to closely monitor the team’s lineup to make accurate predictions about the players’ results in the match.
  • The time of the match also affects the odds. Players need to research the time and confrontation history of the team.

Things need to notice

When playing Player bets, note a few things to ensure your betting is correct and has a higher success rate. Here are some things to consider when choosing a bet:
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  • Consider the player’s position on the field: Positions such as strikers and attacking midfielders often have higher odds than defensive positions.
  • Consider the injury situation: A player’s injury can affect their performance and ability to score in a match. You should find out information about the player’s health condition before placing a bet.
  • Consider the player’s performance: You should find out about the player’s recent performance, see if they are in a period of improvement or decline. Players who are in good form will have a higher chance of scoring.
  • Consider fitness: Odds may depend on the player’s fitness. Players who can run fast and respond to difficult situations in the match will have higher odds.
  • Consider the opponent: The opponent also affects a player’s ability to score. If the opponent has good defense, the player’s ability to score will decrease.
  • Consider influence: Players can have an influence on the game and the final result. Highly influential players, such as captains or players with the ability to score goals, often have higher odds.

Some elements you need to update

To play this bet or any other type of bet such as handicap, shaky odds,… you need to pay attention to some factors about the players and information about the match. Below is important information for you to refer to when betting:

  • Consider the relationship between players: The relationship between players also affects their ability in the match. If players have a good relationship with their teammates, they will tend to play better.
  • Find out information about the match: You should find out information about the match, the team’s position in the rankings, and the confrontation history of the two teams to make the right decision.
  • Consider the bookmaker’s options: Bookmakers often have different odds calculations, so you need to carefully research the options and decide which bookmaker suits you best.


Above is the basic information about Player bets, from how to calculate odds, how to choose bets to things to keep in mind when playing. Hopefully the above information from New88 will help you when you want to bet on players in soccer matches. However, don’t forget that betting is also a form of entertainment and entertainment can become dangerous if you do not know how to control your betting.

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