Momos Recipe – How to Make Momos?

Momo is much more than a snack. Indians love Momo, and it is also a popular food in Arunachal Pradesh. Momos and other street food are not the best options when it comes to hygiene.

We have the perfect solution! You can still enjoy the delicious taste of Momos, but you can also make them healthier. You only need the right recipe.

Here’s how to make Momos:











Spring Onion




Begin with the stuffing.

Momos are worth the effort because of their stuffing. Momos can be stuffed with a variety of fillings. The most popular are chicken and mixed vegetables. Momos can even be stuffed with paneer.

If you’re making your first Momos, we recommend using the basic vegetable stuffing. We have provided instructions on how to make vegetable stuffing for your Momos.

Add the garlic and ginger to the oil. You can saute the garlic and ginger on high heat. You should also be careful about the texture and color. Your filling will taste bitter if it is overcooked or burned. You might not like ginger so you can skip it.

Before the garlic turns brown, add onions. The onions should be evenly cooked for the stuffing. The onions should be cooked until golden brown.

You can also add carrots and cabbage. You should cook the vegetables at high heat. After adding the carrot and cabbage, cook them until soft and glossy.

Turn off the heat. Now mix the soy sauce, salt and black pepper. You can add chilli garlic sauce to the stuffing if you prefer it. Optional: Vinegar and lemon juice can also be added to the step.

It’s done!

We’re ready to stuff.

Next, prepare the dough. The dough can be prepared before you begin to make the stuffing. This could be helpful later. Mix the maida and water together. To make the dough fluffy, you can add a teaspoon of baking soda.

The dough should be rolled into thin, 4”-5″ round shapes.

Fill the stuffing with the rolled circle and make a pocket.

Seal the edges with care. Different patterns and designs are used to seal the Momo.

You can steam the Momo for between 10-12 minutes. To make your Momo even more Indian, you can prepare a special red chili sauce.

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Momos are easy to make and you can easily prepare them at home with this simple recipe. You can use boiled chicken pieces to make chicken momos instead of using vegetable stuffing. We hope that you enjoyed the recipe.

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