How to choose a charging station for an electric car

The global market for electric vehicles is rapidly growing. Electric cars are gaining popularity every year due to their key advantages, especially:

Simple use


model diversity.

A well-organized charging infrastructure is the main motivator for electric vehicle development. But electric car enthusiasts are increasingly considering purchasing a personal charging station. Let’s take a look at the main features of this option.

Home Charging Station Benefits

It is clear that electric cars are the most popular vehicle to charge at home, as the evidence shows. Owners of electric cars should make it a priority to purchase a personal charger station. The EVnoon company plays a key role in this endeavor. It was created to enhance the user experience when using an electric vehicle. EVroon assists with home charging station selection and pricing.

Public charging is more expensive than personal charging. Even with a modest initial investment, the benefits of home-based electric vehicle supply equipment are obvious.

Wall charging stations offer more power modules than regular chargers for electric vehicles. These elements may be missing in the basic configuration of an electric vehicle or they fail to function after a short time.

Variable characteristics are available for personal charging stations. You can choose the power of your electric vehicle supply equipment (from 7 to 22kW), the number and level of protection, or even the number in phases. The optimal home charging station for an electric car would offer:

Permanent service – to charge an electric car at a lower night rate

Remote access – To monitor the condition of the electric vehicle, and to prepare for the road.

broad functionality – To calculate the cost to charge and analyze the power grid

Safety – Protection against dangerous voltages and current leakage

comfortable ergonomics for everyday use.

A personal charging station’s greatest asset is its versatility. You don’t have to worry about what type of electric car it is or where it was made–in the US, Europe or China. A personal charging station can charge any electric car and you can also choose from auction cars to use it free of charge.

Differences in Charging Ports

Different cars may have different charging ports or capabilities. The manufacturer can modify a Tesla model to have different charging ports, so even the same Tesla model may have two.

A single-phase charging port will be available for electric cars imported from the USA. The maximum charging current can be up to 40A depending on the vehicle. A Type cable is included in the car’s charger. This will make it easy and quick to charge your electric car. You will also be able maximize its charging potential.

A European electric car will likely have a Type2 charging port from Mennekes. The maximum charging speed will vary depending on which car you have. The charging power for electric vehicles is usually between 11 and 22 kW. However, some Renault models can charge at 44 kW. If your electric vehicle has a Type2 port, it can be charged with either a Type2 charging cable or a Type2 outlet. You can also purchase a Type2-Type2 cable to be able to use the cable at public charging points.

A Chinese electric car will likely have a GB/T charging port. You have two options: either purchase a charger with a standard GB/T cable, or an adapter that charges from a standard charge.

The Bottom Line

It is an important decision to choose a charging station. The choice of a home electric vehicle supply equipment will not only depend on comfort, but also on safety, effectiveness, charging speed, stability, and other factors. You should remember that different solutions are designed for different uses and places.

Professionals recommend that you learn a few tricks to maximize your station’s potential before purchasing home-electric vehicle supply equipment. For example, it is recommended to charge your electric vehicle at least once at a public charging station. This is important to determine the maximum power your electric car can take. These indicators will help a specialist company offer the best electric charging option and the best equipment for your electric vehicle. To find out more about an electric vehicle’s history, you can use vincheck.

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