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Boosting Productivity and Well-being with the MOBY LS-781 L-Shape Height Adjustable Desk

The MOBY LS-781 L-Shape Height Adjustable Desk from Leadcom Seating is a top-of-the-line ergonomic electric sit-stand desk designed to bring more movement and well-being into your daily work life. With its proven quality and advanced features, this desk offers a seamless transition between sitting and standing positions, allowing you to optimize your workspace for enhanced comfort and productivity. Complete with a wide range of accessories, this desk provides a comprehensive solution for all your office desk supplies needs.

Customizable and Versatile Design

The MOBY LS-781 L-Shape Height Adjustable Desk offers flexible options to suit your workspace requirements. Whether you need a 90-degree L-shape configuration, a 120-degree setup, or a full 180-degree table or benching application, this desk can be tailored to fit your space perfectly. With a variety of widths available, you can create a workstation that meets your specific needs. Its versatile design allows for easy integration into any office layout, promoting a seamless workflow and maximizing efficiency.

Superior Quality and Durability

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the MOBY LS-781 desk boasts a high-quality construction. The table top is made of MDF with a melamine finish, ensuring durability and a sleek appearance. The structure consists of 1.5mm cold-rolled steel, powder-coated in white, providing a sturdy and stable foundation. The adjustable column is constructed from 2mm cold-rolled steel tube, also powder-coated in white. With a maximum load capacity of 150KG evenly distributed, thanks to its 3-motor operation, this desk can accommodate your office essentials with ease.

Seamless Functionality and Comfort

The MOBY LS-781 desk features an electric height-adjustable mechanism powered by motors in the frame legs. With just a few seconds, you can effortlessly adjust your workstation to the proper and required height, promoting optimal ergonomics. This seamless functionality allows you to switch between sitting and standing positions, preventing the discomfort and health risks associated with prolonged sitting. The desk base is made of ADC12 extrusion aluminum, powder-coated in white, ensuring stability and longevity. The glide is equipped with black TPE rubber, providing a smooth and noiseless movement.


Leadcom Seating’s MOBY LS-781 L-Shape Height Adjustable Desk offers a comprehensive solution for enhancing your work life. By incorporating this ergonomic desk into your workspace, you can boost productivity and well-being. With its customizable and versatile design, superior quality construction, and seamless functionality, this desk is a must-have for those seeking a comfortable and efficient working environment. Complete your working experience with a wide range of accessories, such as cabinets, cable management tubes, keyboard trays, and monitor stands. Choose the MOBY LS-781 desk to elevate your work experience and ensure your office desk supplies meet the highest standards of quality and functionality.

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