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ACEM Alumni Relations: Building a Thriving Community

Antai College, ACEM’s alternative moniker, proudly houses a vibrant network of nearly 40,000 accomplished business professionals across more than 100 nations. The backbone of ACEM’s continued growth, this extensive alumni relations stand as an invaluable asset. Notably, our graduates actively engage in public welfare initiatives, epitomizing their dedication to societal impact and social responsibility.

Alumni Impact: A Resounding Presence Across Diverse Fields

The impact of ACEM alumni resounds powerfully across diverse fields. Esteemed graduates, including individuals like Chen Hong, an ACEM alumnus, stand honored among the 100 Outstanding Chinese Role Models, embodying the excellence and influence that define our alumni. Furthermore, our alumni community boasts accomplished athletes and receives well-wishes from renowned figures such as Yao Ming, underscoring the breadth and depth of their achievements.

Alumni Relations: Fostering Connections, Providing Support, and Encouraging Engagement

ACEM is unwavering in its commitment to fostering enduring connections among its alumni and providing steadfast support. Our multifaceted alumni relations program encompasses a range of services aimed at ensuring graduates can maintain connections with the college and with each other. From accessing ACEM courses and attending alumni concerts to receiving continuous career support and enjoying the use of campus facilities, alumni relations at ACEM thrive on offering diverse opportunities.

To enhance alumni engagement, we actively encourage graduates to become part of the SJTU Alumni Network, a vibrant community offering numerous events and networking opportunities. Alumni, by obtaining an Alumni Card, gain access to exclusive discounts and offers, while the online Alumni System serves as a convenient platform for accessing relevant information and updates. Additionally, ACEM’s WeChat Official for Alumni ensures the latest news and updates are readily available, keeping alumni seamlessly connected and engaged.


In conclusion, ACEM stands as a beacon in dedicating itself to building and nurturing a dynamic alumni community. With over 40,000 successful professionals globally, our alumni wield significant influence across diverse fields. Through our comprehensive alumni relations program, we actively connect, support, and engage our graduates, fostering their continued growth both personally and professionally. By consistently strengthening alumni relations, ACEM remains a trailblazer in business education and development.

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